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 Rise of the Creator Economy 

February 2 - 3, 2022

Bringing together a global community of digital entrepreneurs for two days of education, collaboration, and innovation.

(a virtual experience)


A co-created global summit

Innovative business models & tools

Engage, collaborate and grow

The Creator Economy World Summit is designed to spark innovation and entrepreneurship. Over two full days, this online event will serve a global community of digital creators and entrepreneurs by offering fresh insights, the latest tools and technology, immersive environments and mind-bending collaboration experiments.

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Woman at Work
 Influencers & Digital Brands 
Working From Home
 Writers & Bloggers 
Working from a Laptop
 Digital Art & Products 
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 Coaches & Trainers 
Video Blogger
 Course Creators 
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 Gaming Creators  
Piano Show
 Performing   Artists 


Our conference is divided into two distinct tracks.

Attendees have full access to both tracks.


Designed for online creators who monetize and build remarkable businesses

Whether you’re just getting started, or a pioneer in the creator economy, CEWS will introduce you to new ideas, collaboration partners, clients/customers, products/services, and life-long peers. 


Discover what's disrupting markets and take part in the rise of the creator economy.



For companies and investors that empower the Creator Economy

Discuss the factors shaping this nascent industry; the opportunities and ideas that are present and still to come; the macro trends and the niche challenges that face specific segments of the Creator Economy.

Hear from thought-leaders, angel investors and venture capitalists, emerging company founders and of course, from the creators themselves.

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 Angel Investors &  Venture Capitalists 
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Brainstorm Team Meeting
 Project &  Management Teams 
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 Professionals  Services 
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 Curious Minds 

Let's do this together.

Review the program and agenda - are we missing anything?  Is there a speaker you want to hear from or a topic you want us to cover?  Submit your ideas here.



The Creator Economy is still in its infancy   But the opportunities are abundant and limited only by our imagination

Together, we usher in a powerful future for online creators and entrepreneurs.


Imagine the boundless creativity and daring innovation that results when bold ideas meet passionate people. Consider the possibilities that unfold when insights and channels are shared globally, unrestricted and organized. Feel the surge of commerce and creativity when creators of multiple disciplines collide at the summit.


By attending CEWS, you’ll be exposed to more than just great content – you’ll come face-to-face with the larger universe of creators and entrepreneurs.

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In this inaugural event, we'll explore the rise of the creator economy and what this means for creators and the businesses that empower them 

How are creators managing growth and scale?  What innovative business models are proving effective?  What obstacles face the industry as a whole? 


We'll tackle themes specific to a creator's business and the opportunities we see emerging post-pandemic.  We look at creative revenue models, tackle challenges in creator discoverability, explore case studies in scaling tactics, discuss managing your brand in cancel culture, and much more.